Our Mission is to provide exceptional home-based assisted care, wellness and support to our clients and their families. With over 35 years experience within the health care sector, we confidently, compassionately, professionally and intelligently lead in our care services.

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Palliative & End Of Life Care

Elderly & Frail Care Services

Palliative care is the care given to someone with a serious or life threatening disease such as advanced prostate or lung cancer. It is also called Comfort Care.

The goals of palliative care include: Treating and preventing symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue and other physical symptoms caused by cancer or its treatment

Treating a patient’s emotional and social needs. Addressing a patient’s spiritual needs or concerns. Addressing a patient’s practical needs, such as transportation and financial concerns. Providing support for the patient’s family, friends, and caregiver

Cure is not the goal with palliative care, it is to provide the best support and comfort until the end of the patient’s life

End of life care is that care and support rendered in the final hours of a patient’s life. It focus on treating the final symptoms that near death present by administering the appropriate pain therapy support, practical comfort care and compassionate care.

A-Motus Assisted Care shall be with your family and loved one throughout their palliative journey.

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