Our Mission is to provide exceptional home-based assisted care, wellness and support to our clients and their families. With over 35 years experience within the health care sector, we confidently, compassionately, professionally and intelligently lead in our care services.

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Post Op Rehabilitation Home Care

Post Operation Rehabilitation Home Care

Operations are quite daunting if we are not sure of the medical terminology that is used and the impact they will have once they are over.

A back or hip operation, colon or heart surgery, by example, may be painful and the recovery often requires much support for the rehabilitation.

To be able to be at home in the comfort of our own space is ideal for many of us. However, there is not always the right type of care assistance at home for the best recovery to happen.

A-Motus walks the road of recovery alongside you, caring and supporting you the whole way. We often start from before the operation where we meet and chat on the expectation as well as plan the best recovery plan for you.

Your carer/nurse is specifically trained to support your unique post op recovery.

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